Aug 23, 2019 4:00 PM

Join us for the KBUT KAMPOUT: a 2 Day Music Festival and campout in Gunnison Colorado! This exciting 2-day festival showcases a diverse lineup of bands on two stages at The I Bar Ranch, an authentic western heritage event center! Join us on August 23rd and 24th for music, dancing, food, family fun activities, Acro-Yoga class, and camping under the stars in the Rocky Mountains! When:   Friday August 23rd, 4pm-1am &  Saturday August 24th, 1pm-12am Where:   At the I Bar Ranch located at 850 County Road 49, just east of Gunnison, Colorado. Camping on site! Indoor and outdoor restrooms available.  Ticket prices: 2-day pass music and camping: $50 Friday night music and camping: $25 Saturday night music and camping: $35 Children 17 and under are free Food: There will be a small assortment of food available at the I Bar Ranch for purchase. All other food can be purchased in Gunnison.  Outside liquor is not allow into the venue but can be consumed at the campground.  KAMPOUT MUSIC AND EVENTS SCHEDULE: Friday Aug. 23rd, 2019: 7pm: Storm Pass Featuring Andrea Early-Cohen 9pm: Naive Melodies 11pm: Photon Saturday Aug. 24th, 2019: 10am: Acro-Yoga Class with Emily Montesinos (all ages) 1pm: LET THEM ROAR 2:30 pm: Sol Chase 4:15pm: Paa Kow 6pm: The New Flat Earth and the Sun Gazers 7:15pm: The Contribution  (Feat. members of Railroad Earth, ALO, New Monsoon, Great American Taxi, and The Black Swan Singers) 9pm: SHEL 10:30pm: Shamarr Allen BAND DESCRIPTIONS: The Contribution           (from all over USA)          The Contribution releases their new album Wilderness and Space, and performs a few shows this summer with members: Tim Carbone (Railroad Earth), Steve Adams (ALO), Jeff Miller (New Monsoon), Phil Ferlino (New Monsoon), Sheryl Renee (The Black Swan Singers), and Will Trask (Great American Taxi, Analog Son).  Although the band is comprised of some of the scene’s heavy hitters, the first listen to their music reveals their love of 60s pop and soul coupled with their ability to flat-out shred. In 2017, The Contribution released seven tracks from the LoHi Records album, with full proceeds from each single going to a different non-profit organization. Carbone says, “We feel blessed to be able to make this music and have it help people in need and we would like to empower those who share our passion and provide a resource for them to take action with us.” Shamarr Allen         (New Orleans, LA.) This stellar group of New Orleans musicians blends jazz and brass band music with bounce, hip-hop, funk, soul, R&B and more!  Shamarr Allen is the definition of New Orleans! Hailing from the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans, Allen has influences in jazz, hip-hop, rock, funk rhythms, blues and country. He is the lead vocalist and trumpeter of his band “Shamarr Allen & The Underdawgs.” In addition to performing with his band, Allen has collaborated with many renowned artists around the world such as Willie Nelson, Patti LaBelle, Galatic, Harrick Connick Jr, and Lenny Kravitz, to name a few.  Paa Kow             (Ghana & Boulder CO.) The Groove Master, Paa Kow (pronounced Pah-Ko), fuses rhythm and artistry from his home in Ghana with Jazz and African Pop!   Growing up in the small village of Enyan Denkyira near Cape Coast in Ghana, West Africa, Paa Kow began to play music and tour with his family’s concert band at a very early age. He has since grown to be widely recognized as one of the most remarkable drum set players to tour in Africa, Europe, and America. Paa Kow’s deep groove and prodigious talent reveal a unique ability to speak to listeners with his drums, inspiring a profound spiritual conversation and fulfilling his vision to spread the music and culture of his homeland by touring the world with his Afro-Fusion Orchestra.  SHEL           (Fort Collins, CO.) SHEL  is a sister quartet, virtuoso indie-folk band weaving classically inspired mandolin, violin and piano along with the band’s glowing vocal harmonies!  Sisters Eva, Hannah, Sarah and Liza Holbrook are twenty-something women, born in a five-year span and raised in a bohemian, art-loving family in Fort Collins, CO. Each found an instrument to master early on, studying classical music while composing and arranging unique works for their anomalous instrumentation, violin, mandolin, piano and drums. SHEL music is many things sonically, but its coherence and distinctiveness comes from the sisters’ commitment to making every song an honest four-way collaboration. LET THEM ROAR          (Carbondale, CO.) This unique band from Carbondale, Colorado spins Progressive Folk into a tapestry of Roots, Rock, & Raw improvisations.  LET THEM ROAR is a band much like a river rising from the Rocky Mountains – woven of strong currents, flowing towards the direction of truth, and brought together by an inspired sense of purpose. A band bent on bringing their hearts to the stage and sharing the meaning of their lives through their original music. Photon                     (Denver, CO.)  This Trio Electronica extraordinaire is all live, all original, all improvisation and exploration, and all light/love/space!  Their special KAMPOUT performance will utilize silent disco headsets late into the evening for a full experience dance party! Naive Melodies           (Arcata, CA.) This trio dedicates their talents to tribute the music of the Talking Heads!  Sol Chase             (currently in Austin, TX., spent childhood in Crested Butte) This homegrown, Crested Butte raised, energetic mandolin player blends Modern Folk with Bluegrass in a trio of talented Austin based musicians!   Storm Pass featuring Andrea Early- Cohan              (Gunnison, CO.)  Local players Sam & Jenny Pankratz, and Andrea Early-Cohan deliver beautiful old-time West Elk bluegrass complete with a special Square Dance set at the KAMPOUT for all!   The New Flat Earth and The Sun Gazers                     (Crested Butte, CO.)  Theses local Crested Butte men journey through Blues, Rock, Americana, and eclectic realms to create an unforgettable musical experience! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: We're looking for volunteers to help with a variety of tasks at The Kampout.  Volunteers are required to work a 5 hour shift either during set up, during the event, or during clean up and  in exchange you will get an entry ticket to the 2-day event, two (2) beer tickets and KBUT swag. Please email KT if you would like to volunteer at [email protected]